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The best social media apps

In this episode of The Social Media Revolution I take some time out to answer a question from a listener and introduce the very first Ask James segment. I look at apps and tools that will help you better manage your social media accounts and make you look like a social media pro! [click to continue…]

How to stop your business from failing

That’s right, my business will fail but it doesn’t mean that yours has to. This blog post is one that I’ve been working on all week and it’s going to drop some truth bombs and hopefully can help you take action before its too late.

Last week, I was on a Skype call with Founder [click to continue…]


You’re busy right? Just like the rest of us but if you want to be any good at this blogging/online business stuff, you need to create time. Seems impossible but it’s doable.

If you’re like any person who is trying to make a go of this online business thing, you’ll be striving to be everywhere, all the time. This sounds like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be if you have the right processes and tools in place and if I had to pick one thing out from my time in the military, it would be that a good process is worth the time it takes to generate it. [click to continue…]


In this episode of The Social Media Revolution Podcast, I chat to Jeremy and Taylor from The Final Clock Out podcast. Jeremy and Taylor are amazing and continue to provide actionable tips for their listeners! This episode is great and it full of great content so make sure that you have a pen and paper ready! [click to continue…]

9 apps that I can't live without

9 apps that I can't live without

Since I started doing business online, my phone has become a hub for everything.

From controlling my calendar to keeping track of what contacts are doing to generating leads, my phone is incredibly useful day-to-day. Like many other smart phone users, there are a number of mobile apps that’s I can’t live without. I decided to put them in a post for you in the hope that if you’re not using them already, you may find one that changes your life.

1. Gmail

This is a must! I run my entire business and life through Google apps. Gmail is amazing and what I like most about it is the filters. I get a stack of email everyday and with Gmail, I can filter out the noise and pay attention to the important stuff. The app is great and you just need to login and not worry about setting up all your individual mail accounts on your phone. I’m a massive fan of work smarter not harder and that is exactly what Gmail enables you to do!

2. Hootsuite

As my business revolves around social media, I need an easy way to keep track of what is going on around me. Enter Hootsuite. I’ve said this many times before, Hootsuite is probably my favourite tool when it comes to social media. It’s ability to manage multiple networks is the number one reason why I love it so much. Be it a Facebook group or LinkedIn company page, the Hootsuite app allows me to control and manage all of them on the go from my phone.

3. Spotify

I’ve been a member of Spotify from pretty much the beginning in Australia. I used to spend a fortune on music with iTunes and now I just pay my subscription fee and I have access to all the songs I want or need! The added bonus for Spotify is that unless you make all your playlists offline (saves the data of the song so that you don’t use your mobile data whilst streaming music) it doesn’t use a lot of memory on your phone. This means, you don’t need to buy that 64gig iPhone.

4. Chrome

Like I said earlier in this post, I run my life and business in Google apps. Chrome works seamlessly across all my devices. Its a great web browser and has a huge selection of plugins for your PC or Mac. I’ve got a list of plugins that I use on a daily basis but that is a post for another time! Chrome is particularly good when it comes to speed. In my opinion it is much faster than safari or internet explorer. What I really like about Chrome on my Galaxy Note 3 is the ability to share to so many apps. I’d be lost without this feature!

5. Evernote

If you don’t use Evernote, go and sign up now. This app will change your life! Evernote, couple with the web clipper plugin, will change the way you save things from the web. Clip a simple text article, picture or even a whole article, Evernote does it all. I use Evernote to save anything I think is important, to plan blog posts, record notes and recently I used it to share publishing guidelines for a website that I run. It’s an amazing tool and the smart phone app just takes it to that next level. If you’re out and about and you see something you want to make a note of, snap a picture with your phone and upload directly to the service. Trust me, your life will be changed forever!

6. Fitbit

Health is important. I get carried away sometimes and will forget about it but I recently bought a fitbit flex to help me track how active I’m being. The fitbit app allows you to see the number of steps you’ve taken throughout the day, how many calories you’ve burnt as well as letting you keep track of weight, sleep and water consumption. If you’re at all concerned about your health or just want to see how active you are on an average day, this is a great app that wI’ll display all of that in the on convenient dashboard.

7. Buffer

If you’re an Android user, you’re in a better place that iOS users. I’m not comparing operation systems, I’m simply talking about the ability to share content to third party apps. In Android, I use Buffer daily. If I’m reading an article on my phone and I feel like I want to share it with my social media accounts, I simply share to Buffer! To find out what Buffer exactly is, check out this post I wrote earlier in the year! Buffer is a must use tool for anyone who likes to share content! Download it now!

8. Google Now

An app for everything! Google Now runs your life. It is integrated into your calendar, tells you when to leave for meetings based on traffic updates in Google maps, shows you the weather, informs you if a flight is delayed, shows you the time back home if you’re interstate/overseas and that is just a fraction of what it does. I particularly love Google Now because of the maps and calendar integration. I’ll receive an alert when it is time to leave for a meeting and the best thing is that it’s already taken into account the traffic! In addition to that feature, the updates on your flight status came in handy the other week when we went on a family holiday. Google Now send me an update as soon as I turned my phone on when we landed, which was great (not because the flight was late) because it meant that we didn’t have to rush off our already late flight and run to another gate!

9. Instasize

If you’re a budding photographer or you just like taking good wide angle shots, Instasize is an app for you. I was struggling with Instagram resizing my images to 640 x 640px and half of my photo wasn’t in the shot! Instasize lets you upload any sized photo to Instagram by simply resizing your image and filling the blank space with white. You can add borders, layers, multiple photos and text to any photo that you upload. A few people have been asking on late, how do you upload photos from your DSLR camera? Well it’s actually quiet simple. Install dropbox, upload your high quality photos to dropbox and then when uploading a file to Instagram, use dropbox and select your photo. Real easy.


So there you have it folks, 9 apps that I use on a daily basis. Have you got an app that you couldn’t live without? Let me know about it in the comments below.

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And I got burnt out!


It’s been quiet around the blog of late and I really wanted to apologise to you all.

You see, I was working such long hours to try and make my business work. To be honest I wasn’t seeing the results I was hoping for.

The Problem:

I was taking on more and more projects, my ideas were running wild and I was loosing focus. I kept taking on more and more and I was spending less and less time focusing on my family and full time paying job.

Sure you might be thinking, “isn’t he doing all of this so he doesn’t have to work a full time 9-to-5 job again” and you’re not too far off the money. Except the job I am in at the moment is pretty good in fact, I’m getting paid to go to university, so I want to do well.

For the last 3 weeks I haven’t worked on anything. I’ve been on holidays with my family and it’s been great. I was working all the time, I was on my phone, emailing and tweeting all the time that I had forgotten why I had wanted to have a successful online business in the first place.

I wanted the freedom to spend time with my family

It wasn’t going well. I wasn’t focusing on my studies, I wasn’t paying enough attention to my kids, I was heading down the wrong path. Finally last night it came to me.

I need to prioritise what is important and what can wait. (Click to tweet this)

You see, if you’re an entrepreneur, sidepreneur, intrapreneur or anything else you want to call yourself, sometimes you can get carried away. “There’s not enough hours in the day!” but the thing is we need to focus and decide what is important to help us succeed. There is no point being a jack of all trades and a master of none!

For me, I have prioritised the following things (I’m keeping this list short to help with balancing my time):

1. Family – spending less time on the computer and my phone and more time with my kids.

2. My health – with all the projects and work I’ve been taking on, I’ve been neglecting my health

3. My education – this encompasses both formal and informal

4. Tweet Canberra & The SMR – examine current objectives and goals for these businesses

I think it is important from time to time to take a break and examine your current goals and objectives for anything you are doing, blogging, fitness, business or life in general. This is what I am aiming to achieve over the next week and there will be a series of posts to show how I am working through it all. So stay tuned!

So what are your goals? Do you feel tired and burnt out? Do you need a break? Why not leave a comment on this post and tell me about a time that you struggled to find the motivation to complete a task or when you felt so burnt out that you just stopped what you were doing!


In this episode of The Social Media Revolution Podcast, I talk to Jordan Mullen, local entrepreneur and landing page guru. However, this isn’t your ordinary episode of The SMR Podcast, I wanted to bring Jordan on to talk exclusively about landing pages and how it can help grow your business.


  • Tell us a little bit about your business

Jordan is local entrepreneur out of Canberra, Australia and he has been running Web Based Marketing for the past seven years. Jordan focuses on small local businesses and helping them getting their information out there.

  • What is a landing page?

It’s not your website. A one page website, focusing on converting that traffic into new business. This is focused around a call to action in an attempt to lead people into a funnel.

  • What are we trying to convert?

Different people are trying to accomplish different things. Jordan talks about conversion and what it means to different businesses.

  • What is a marketing funnel?

Jordan talks about setting up a marketing funnel and how it can benefit your business.

  • How do you set up a landing page?

In this episode, Jordan breaks down the exact anatomy of a landing page and how you can build one that succeeds online.

  • What is a call to action and what is a good example of one?

Jordan shows you some successful calls to actions and how it he has implemented it for local businesses.

  • How do we construct a landing page?

Jordan talks about the various platforms that you can use for landing pages for your business.

  • What doesn’t work on a landing page?

Jordan spells it out for you, what doesn’t work with landing pages. This is gold and it is a must listen to!

Resources that were mentioned in this podcast:



Unbounce pages

Web Based Marketing

Web Marketing Manager


To find out more about Jordan, you can connect with him at Webbasedmarketing.com.au and you can see him live in action in July. To find out more about this, visit http://actdigitalenterprise.com.au/

Jordan also launched his Employee-to-Entrepreneur program live on this podcast. To register your interest in this program and to find out how you can figure out how to replace your full time income, visit http://employee-to-entrepreneur.com.au/


Employee to entrepreneur program





In episode four of The Social Media Revolution podcast, I talk to Jim Wang.


This episode is sponsored by the 30-day Social Media Kick Starter program.

30 Day social media kick starter

Download | iTunes

  • Tell us a little bit about your business

Jim’s internet fame came from his first personal finance blog in 2005 and then later sold it for 3 million dollars. Jim’s current project is microblogger and strives to educate people on how to build their own business. Jim also talks about his latest project.

  • How do you use social media in your daily operations?

Jim does a couple of things when he is promoting a new post on social media. Take a listen to find out what he does.

  • Do you find yourself focusing on a particular network?

Jim tends to focus more on Facebook because of the personal interactions however Twitter is good for conversations.

  • How do maintain a consistent voice across your networks?

Jim focuses on talking in his natural voice and doesn’t try to put on a different voice for any of the networks.

  • Do you measure anything in particular with regards to social media?

Jim measures the conversion rate of his audience when it comes to signing up to his email list. Take a listen to find out how he attracts a bigger audience.

  • Have you had to deal with negativity on social media?

Hear from Jim on how he deals with negativity online and the actions that he takes when he encounters a negative comment on his blog.

  • The Blitz

If you had to pick one social network to be on, what would it be and why?


Best business book?

Influence by Robert Cialdini

What’s one quick tip for social media?

Be yourself!

Best social media tool?

Tweet Deck

You can find Jim on social media at the following links:




Facebook pages

Sumo me pop up


I will teach you to be rich

Microblogger podcast


Tell Jim Wang you heard him on this podcast! (click here)


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8 easy ways to promote your blog

8 easy ways to promote your blog

Blogging isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would do it. But what is more difficult is letting the world know that you’ve just written a new post!

Today, in one of the many Facebook groups that I am apart of, someone asked how they could better promote their blog. This is a question that a lot of people struggle with. I know I certainly did from day one and I still do. Unless you’re blessed with an amazing large profile, new bloggers will always be struggling to promote their content to their audience.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to promote your newest blog post so that you can build a solid audience that keeps coming back for more!

Step 1

Submit your blog to the various blog directories

When you first get started blogging, it’s important to tell the world that you’re around! To do this, submit your blog URL to as many blog directories as you can. There are many different directories out there and some are free and some are paid, a simple Google search will uncover some. This process is also great for SEO purposes as it builds valuable back links to your blog initially in the beginning of your blogging career.

Step 2

Post your newest post in as many locations as possible

Whenever I write a new blog post, I post to as many communities, groups or pages as I can. I also ensure that I post across all my networks, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. Yes, that’s a lot of networks. Do I do them all well, probably not as good as I could. I tend to focus on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Google+ is a close third and that is because of the authorship capabilities that Google offers and the contribution to SEO. Before you post your new blog post, ensure that you’ve got a good graphic made for your post. You can achieve this by using Pic Monkey or Canva and if your a Photoshop pro, use that.

Here’s an example of a graphic I’ve made for a post!

The Social Media Revolution Podcast episode 3


Step 3

Ensure that Google+ Authorship is active with your blog

This is a step that is really, really important for all new bloggers. Google Authorship is the process of adding your blog to your Google+ profile and inserting the code into your blog header. This then results in search results like this;

How to add google authorship markup to your blog

When ever your blog shows up in a Google search, your good looking photo will show up next to it, just like the one above. To add this, follow this tutorial from Copy Blogger.

Step 4

Share your blog post to as many Social Bookmarking sites as possible

This is the best way to increase your audience and views of your blog in a short amount of time. This will certainly increase the number of views of your blog and this will potentially increase the number of people who will return to your blog if you can great solid content. Social Bookmarking is a service that centralises websites which enables users to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents. For a list of 50 Social Bookmarking sites, check out this post on Search Engine Journal. I personally share to Digg, Scoop it and Stumble upon.

Step 5

Schedule your social media updates for two weeks.

Whenever I create a blog post, I then spend another 30 minutes creating and scheduling social media updates for the next two weeks. I do this in bulk using Hootsuite (you have to be on a paid version) and then it’s a matter of responding to comments on social media from these posts. A bit of testing is required to figure out the best times to post on social media but that is a post for another time!

Step 6

Use Pretty Links to make easy to remember URLs

A lot of people don’t know about this WordPress plugin but I have to say, it’s my favourite plugin of all time! Pretty Links let’s you add any URL and then transform it to an easy to remember URL. Just like this.

Pretty Links WordPress plugin

This plugin is great for creating URLs for social media networks like Instagram where you can’t add clickable links. Whenever I publish a post and add it to Instagram, I use Pretty Links to make a good, easy to remember URL so that my audience can easily navigate to the newest post. To install this plugin, simply search Pretty Link in WordPress.

Step 7

Comment on as many industry relevant blogs and be active in your community

This is a little time consuming but you’ll reap the benefits. It is important to read and comment on as many industry blogs as you can. Not only is this a good way of getting your name out and about in your industry but you’ll get an idea of what the industry is talking about. When you’re commenting on blog posts, make sure that your comment is relevant and not something generic like

“Great post!”

If you have something to add to the blog post, make sure that you weigh in on the topic. This will help increase your profile in the niche and soon people will be looking to you for advice by coming to your blog.

Step 8

Include you Blog URL and social media profiles in your email signature

This is a really simple step but you’d be surprised of how many people I get coming to my blog from my email signature. Simply including a link to your profiles and encouraging people to visit your blog or like your Facebook page in your email signature is a great way to grow your audience.

Growing your blog is more of a marathon than a sprint and a lot of bloggers give up within the first 3 months of starting their blog. These easy-to-follow ways are a great way to promote your blog when you’re just starting out and an important thing to remember is not to loose faith in what you’re doing. Keep active, keep posting and you’ll see the audience grow over time!

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In this episode of The Social Media Revolution podcast, I interview Timbo Reid from Small Business, Big marketing podcast.


Tell us a little bit about your business

  • Timbo is an international speaker and the host of Australia’s #1 marketing podcast. Timbo tells us a little bit about the guests he interviews on a weekly basis.

What has been a highlight from your career?

  • Timbo tells the audience about his highlight where he was overseas for a speaking conference and was around when a very important person checked into the same hotel. Find out who it was!

How has social media affect business?

  • Timbo talks about the use of social media for businesses to get their message out to the world but also the pains of using social media for small business.

What platform should businesses should be working on?

  • Take a listen to the podcast to see what platform Timbo thinks small businesses should be focusing on for their social media efforts.

How do you measure ROI with social media marketing?

  • Timbo talks about the problem of measuring ROI on social media and how he determines his return of investment from social media.

How do you maintain your consistent voice across social media?

  • Social media is all about conversations, Timbo believes that this is the key to success across social media with minimum amounts of tweaking.

Have you had any negativity from doing business online?

  • Timbo talks about some negative comments he received from his listeners in the early days of his podcast and he talks about how he dealt with that.

The blitz

If you could pick one social network to be on and why?

  • Linkedin – Because that is where I am getting good quality discussion happening

Best business book recommendation

The best social media tool

A quick tip for social media

  • It’s not going away, embrace it.

Where can you find Timbo?

Twitter – @TimboReid

Facebook – Small Business, Big Marketing.

If you want to book Timbo to speak at your event, click here

The Small Business, Big Marketing on iTunes.

Other resources

Jab Jab Jab Right Hook – Gary Vaynerchuk

The 30-day Social Media Kick Starter Course


Please if you like this podcast, visit iTunes and leave a review!

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